How to Prevent Water Lines From Freezing

3 Benefits To Having A Sump Pump

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A sump pump is a vital part of protecting your home if you live in an area where the water table is high, or where heavy rain and snow is common. A sump pump works by pumping the water out of a sump pit located in your basement, which collects the water that may be accumulating in your basement and the ground surrounding your foundation. These pumps can benefit you greatly by reducing the strain on your foundation, reducing the risk of mold, and lowering the chances of basement flooding. Reducing Strain On The Foundation When you live in an...

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Simple Maintenance For Helping Your Water Heater Last

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Your water heater is an essential appliance in your home, and is responsible for supplying hot water for bathing, cooking, and washing in. You can help this unit stay in its best condition by performing simple maintenance on a regular basis. Insulate Wrap insulation around the base of your water heater and around exposed coils to help the appliance maintain its own temperature. If your water heater is constantly running to keep the tank hot, it wears out a lot sooner. Using classic household insulation can keep this from happening. Lower the...

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A New Homeowner’s Guide To Maintaining Your Heating Service

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Congratulations on your new home! If you’ve only lived in rental properties up until this point, you may not know much about maintaining a functioning heating service. This may come as a surprise, but the power is in your hands to keep your furnace functioning–and functioning efficiently–for many years to come. These tips will help you as you strive to maintain your heating service.  Change the Air Filter Regularly The air filter cleans the air that circulates through your ducts, preventing pollutants from clogging your...

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How To Prevent Water Heater Scale Buildup

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If your home has hard water, it could be creating a problem in your water heater that will reduce its lifespan significantly. This happens when scale and lime in your water coats the heating element and electrodes and prevents the water heater from working effectively. Scale also builds up in pipes and can cause damage to your home’s water supply. Scale can cause your water heater to make loud noises, waste energy as the water heater needs to work harder, and diminish the temperature of the hot water. Scale buildup needs to be reduced...

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Having Your Bathroom Remodeled? Here’s How To Stay Sane In The Process

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Having your home renovated is a wonderful way to improve its overall value and make it more comfortable and attractive for you and your family. However, the process of having your bathroom remodeled can be a stressful one. Luckily, if you follow a few tips, you can help yourself and your family members stay sane Rent a Portable Toilet It’s going to be difficult—or even impossible—to use your bathroom when it is being remodeled, and chances are good that you and your family members are going to need to use the toilet at some point during...

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3 Signs Your Gas Water Heater Is In Trouble

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No one wants to step into a freezing cold shower. Your water heater helps to facilitate your use of hot water. From your dishwasher and washing machine to your hot shower in the morning, it is hard to imagine living your day-to-day life without your water heater. It is important to be aware of the warning signs that your gas water heater is not functioning correctly, as it can be one of the most costly pieces of plumbing to replace. It is better to catch problems early on with simple fixes. Here are three signs that gas water heaters are in...

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Fixing A Leaky Compression Faucet

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If you have a leaky faucet, you’re wasting not only water, but dollars on your utility bill. According to the EPA, a faucet that drips once each second will waste more than 3,000 gallons of water in one year. Save the water and money by fixing those leaky faucets. Here is how to repair the common compression faucet found in most homes. Compression Faucet Anatomy If you have separate hot and cold water controls on your kitchen, bathroom or washroom utility sinks, these are likely compression faucets. A metal stem screws down into the...

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The Most Common Foods That Can Damage Your Garbage Disposal

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A garbage disposal can make kitchen cleanup pretty easy. Unfortunately, people sometimes get too comfortable with their garbage disposal and try to dispose of things they shouldn’t. Putting the wrong foods in your disposal can cause foul smells to linger in your kitchen, can clog your pipes, and can even damage the unit itself. Here’s a look at some of the most common foods that can mean trouble for your garbage disposal. Onions –  The problem here isn’t so much the onion but the onion skin. Onion skins can become...

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Potential Problems When An Ice Maker Won’t Make Ice

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Ice makers are supposed to freeze water coming in through an inlet valve and then shove off the completed cubes into a tray or bin to make room for more. You should be able to open your freezer door or hit your ice button and find well-formed ice cubes ready to chill your drink. But sometimes problems arise in the ice maker process that leave you without any ice. Here are a few of the potential problems, tips to fix the simple issues, and when to throw in the towel and call an appliance repair or plumbing services company. How It Works To...

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Solutions To Two Plumbing Problems You May Encounter

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Plumbing systems are notoriously complex, and when they experience a major malfunction, it can have extremely far ranging consequences for your home. Regardless of this importance, there are many homeowners that are not particularly informed about these systems, and this can lead them to be intimidated when routine problems emerge. By knowing the following two questions and answers, you should be better prepared for when a couple of routine plumbing issues strike your home. What Can You Do About Condensation Forming On Your Pipes? Water...

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