How to Prevent Water Lines From Freezing

Potential Problems When An Ice Maker Won’t Make Ice

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Ice makers are supposed to freeze water coming in through an inlet valve and then shove off the completed cubes into a tray or bin to make room for more. You should be able to open your freezer door or hit your ice button and find well-formed ice cubes ready to chill your drink. But sometimes problems arise in the ice maker process that leave you without any ice. Here are a few of the potential problems, tips to fix the simple issues, and when to throw in the towel and call an appliance repair or plumbing services company. How It Works To...

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Solutions To Two Plumbing Problems You May Encounter

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Plumbing systems are notoriously complex, and when they experience a major malfunction, it can have extremely far ranging consequences for your home. Regardless of this importance, there are many homeowners that are not particularly informed about these systems, and this can lead them to be intimidated when routine problems emerge. By knowing the following two questions and answers, you should be better prepared for when a couple of routine plumbing issues strike your home. What Can You Do About Condensation Forming On Your Pipes? Water...

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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Restroom Trailer

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If you are planning a large outdoor event in the near future, you will need to make sure that there is somewhere for people to be able to use the restroom during the event. There are large restroom trailers that you can rent to allow people to be able to use a real restroom when they need to use it. Use the following guide to learn a few things you need to take into consideration when renting a restroom trailer. Consider the Size You need to consider how large the trailer is before renting it. You want to be sure that it will fit in the space...

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3 Easy Ways To Save Money On Your Home’s Hot Water Bills

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You may be surprised at how much water you and your family use – the average household uses about 88 gallons of water on a daily basis in the United States! All that water can certainly add up to a hefty water bill at the end of each month. Here’s how you can save some money on your hot water needs while at the same time helping the planet by minimizing your water use: Install a Solar Hot Water Heater Installing a solar hot water heater can cut your hot water bills in half, which saves you an average of $140 a year. And if you decide to...

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Four Specific Plumbing Problems With Old Houses

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You probably know that aging houses tend to have more plumbing problems than relatively new ones, but do you know the reasons? Here are some of the plumbing issues that may plague your old property: Hazardous Materials In very old houses, it is not usually to find that the plumbing system includes hazardous materials. This may be because the materials were not considered dangerous when the houses were built, or there were not housing codes in place at the time to regulate the use of these materials. A good example is lead metal, and aged lead...

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Hot Water Heater 101: Four Steps To Draining Your Tank

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At one point in your lifetime, it is probable that you will need to drain your hot water heater. Sometimes, it needs to be drained to remove sediment that is stuck in the bottom of the heater, lessening its effectiveness. Other times, it may need to be drained for maintenance purposes. If you need to flush your hot water heater, do not fret. It is a fairly easy task to accomplish and all you need is a garden hose. Once you have your garden hose ready, follow these four steps: 1. Switch the Heating Element Off The first thing you need to do is...

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How To Replace A Kitchen Sprayer Hose That’s Leaking

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One afternoon you pull out your kitchen sprayer to clean the inside of a large pan—and suddenly there’s water dripping all over the floor. Or you suddenly hear water dripping under your sink and, after some careful water leak detection, trace it back to your sprayer hose. Even a small sprayer hose leak can lead to big water puddles. It might be tempting to fix a leaking sprayer hose with a wrapping of duct tape. But a proper repair doesn’t take any advanced plumbing knowledge and it’s a relatively quick project to complete....

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