Four Specific Plumbing Problems With Old Houses


You probably know that aging houses tend to have more plumbing problems than relatively new ones, but do you know the reasons? Here are some of the plumbing issues that may plague your old property:

Hazardous Materials

In very old houses, it is not usually to find that the plumbing system includes hazardous materials. This may be because the materials were not considered dangerous when the houses were built, or there were not housing codes in place at the time to regulate the use of these materials. A good example is lead metal, and aged lead pipes are even more dangerous because they corrode and can easily contaminate the water you drink and use for cooking.

Pipes Nearing the End of Their Life

You also have to admit that plumbing materials, even the very durable ones, do not last forever. The older your house is, the nearer the materials are to the end of their useful lives. That means you will have to replace most of the materials soon. Of course, some plumbing materials last longer than others, which means they will be replaced faster.

For example, according to, PVC and copper aren't as durable as brass. Therefore, old houses with those two materials may need to be upgraded sooner than houses with brass plumbing pipes.


Metals corrode, some more than others, but they all decay over time. The corrosion is caused by many different things such as:

  • Flux, an acidic paste used in soldering, can eat into the metal after some time
  • Abrasive contaminants in the water
  • The acidity level of the water
  • Galvanic corrosion due to the reaction of different materials

Corrosion is a problem not only because it causes water leaks, but also because it can increase the amount of metals in the water, which is not good for your health.

Old Plumbing Techniques

The construction techniques that were in use when your building was put up may also create a plumbing problem today. For example, the contractors may have used materials that aren't common today, and mixing plumbing materials increases the rate of corrosion. Therefore, you may either have to use the same material (even if it is inferior) or replace even the undamaged parts.

Therefore, if you are buying an old house, then the plumbing system is one of the things you should pay extra attention to. If you are already living in one, then pay extra attention and maintenance to your plumbing installations. Talk with a plumbing repair specialist like Vincent J Cestaro & Son Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning for more help. 


26 March 2015

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