Solutions To Two Plumbing Problems You May Encounter


Plumbing systems are notoriously complex, and when they experience a major malfunction, it can have extremely far ranging consequences for your home. Regardless of this importance, there are many homeowners that are not particularly informed about these systems, and this can lead them to be intimidated when routine problems emerge. By knowing the following two questions and answers, you should be better prepared for when a couple of routine plumbing issues strike your home.

What Can You Do About Condensation Forming On Your Pipes?

Water damage is one of the largest threats that homes will face from the plumbing system. However, many people make the critical mistake of assuming that only leaking pipes can cause water damage. While this may be among the most common sources of water damage, it is not the only one.

Some people fail to appreciate the damage that can be caused by excess condensation forming on the pipes. This condensation will collect into drops before it falls onto the floor or wall, and this constant source of moisture will contribute to rot mold and mildew as time progresses. To avoid this problem, you should make it a point to wrap all of your pipes in insulation because the insulation will absorb the condensation.

Does Rust Always Mean That You Have To Replace A Shower Head?

Another routine issue that you may encounter is a rusted or calcified shower head. In addition to making this part of your shower unsightly, this problem can cause it to struggle to deliver enough water for you to comfortably shower. Unfortunately, replacing a shower head can be a somewhat expensive task, but there is a step you can follow that may save you from needing to make this purchase.

Vinegar is an excellent solution for removing calcium and rust, and leaving vinegar to soak on your shower head can be an excellent solution for this problem. However, you should avoid detaching the shower head and submerging it into vinegar because there may be plastic parts that can suffer damage. Rather, you should fill a plastic bag with a small amount of vinegar before attaching it to the showerhead. After several hours, the vinegar will remove the deposits, and you can rinse the shower head by simply running cold water through it for several minutes.

For most homeowners, plumbing problems are a regular occurrence that will need to be addressed. However, lacking the required knowledge or experience to deal with the issue can represent a major problem. By understanding the threat of condensation on your pipes and the benefits of using vinegar to remove deposits from a shower head, you may find it a little easier to get the most from your home's plumbing system and accessories. Talk to a professional like Trenchless Pipe Technologies for assistance.


27 March 2015

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