Shocking Moments In The World Of Porta Potties


When you need to use a porta potty, chances are, you aren't thinking about it too much. You're probably hoping one is open and praying that no spiders or bees have made nests inside. However, the world of porta potties is actually a lot weirder than you'd think. From exploding meth labs to the toilets of the future, something is always going on with these portable toilets.

Peeping Tom Hid in Potty

What's worse than standing outside a busy porta potty when you really have to go? Going in and discovering someone peeping up at you through the waste at the bottom of the tank. Sound too awful to be true? Unfortunately for one Boulder woman, it really happened.

This woman, who was attending a yoga festival, saw something moving at the bottom of the tank. After reporting it to the authorities, they saw what appeared to be a person covered in a tarp wandering around the bottom of the waste receptacle. After awhile, a man emerged from the toilet, covered in waste. He fled before anyone could stop him.

Can you blame them, though, if they just let him run away? After all who wants to tackle a criminal suspect that's just been where no man was meant to go?

Porta Potty Meth Lab

Meth use is a horrific epidemic that is sweeping the nation and ruining lives. That doesn't stop enterprising drug dealers from making the drug in a variety of new and dangerous ways. A golf club in Purcell, Georgia found that out the hard way when a small meth lab was found in a porta potty.

Employees of the golf club noticed that several bottles were sitting in the toilet, filled with what was obviously not soda or juice. They called the police who found that the bottles were filled with chemicals used to make meth.

These chemicals were utilized in the "shake and bake" method of meth production, which requires mixing chemicals in one bottle and shaking it. This method of drug production is so dangerous that two of the bottles exploded before the police even arrived.

"Smart" Porta Potty

Porta potties are endearingly simple, yet effective, in their design. In fact, they're so effective that they've rarely, if ever, been updated. However, the Texas Research Institute of Environmental Studies changed all that with its Deployable Aqueuous Aerobic Bioreactor or "DAAB."

Designed for use by the military in 2010, this high-tech toilet can handle the waste of approximately 600 soldiers. It uses bacteria to remove matter from the waste and can release the "clean" water back into the environment. Shockingly, its power source is as simple as plugging it directly into a 120-volt wall socket.

Clearly, the world of porta potties is a lot more exciting than anyone would have guessed! So, the next time you have to use one (or rent one from companies like B & B Drain Tech Inc), keep these stories in mind. They'll make your visit a little bit more interesting.


11 June 2015

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