Answering A Couple Of Important Questions Regarding Air Conditioning Systems


A home's central air conditioning system is one of the more important components for determining the overall comfort of those inside. Unfortunately, these systems are extremely complex, which may make it difficult for some homeowners to understand these devices. Not surprisingly, if you are like many other homeowners, there is a strong chance you may need the following two questions answered to understand a common issue and to get the most from any future air conditioning upgrades you decide to make. 

How Can Landscaping Cause Problems For Your Air Conditioner?

It is relatively common for a home's air conditioning system to start overheating. This problem can inhibit the system's ability to keep your house cool while also dramatically increasing the amount of wear that the unit endures. A strict maintenance routine can be one of the best ways of avoiding this routine issue, but there is another common cause for this problem to develop. 

Many homeowners have plants around their homes, and if these plants are too close to the air conditioning unit, they can impede the unit's supply of air. As a result, you should make sure there are several feet between the air conditioning unit and the closest bushes, flowers or trees. 

How Can A Zoned System Improve Efficiency?

Traditional air conditioning systems blow cooled air through every room of the home at the same time. While this can be the best option for ensuring the entire home is cooled evenly, this may not be the most efficient system in reality. One of the weaknesses of this type of system is that it cannot compensate for rooms that are getting hot due to convective heating from the sun. Also, these systems will cool rooms that are not currently being used, which can be a sizable waste of energy. 

By choosing a zoned system, you can avoid these issues. This type of system is controlled by a central computer that will allow it to monitor the temperature in each room and decide whether to divert additional air flow to it. Also, you can program these systems to only cool the parts of your home that your family spends the most time occupying. 

Your home's air conditioning system is an important part for ensuring that your family is comfortable during the blistering summer days. By understanding these two answers to common questions about air conditioning systems, you should be a more informed homeowner when it comes time to address overheating or upgrade your system. Talk to an HVAC specialist, like those at Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, if you have additional concerns about your air conditioning system.


22 June 2015

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