Beyond The Box: 7 Not-So-Square Shower Design Ideas


If you were to picture the typical bathroom, you'd likely imagine a sink, toilet, tub and a square or rectangular shower enclosure. While these traditional shower designs, with their 90-degree angles and reliable design certainly serve an important purpose -- and can even be dressed up using fine finishes like glass tile or natural marble walls -- they rarely make a statement or stand out among other showers. If you want your shower to serve as a focal point within your space, contact a skilled plumber and consider these seven design ideas that will get you thinking outside of the box.

Hydrotherapy Shower

Think of a hydrotherapy shower as a jetted bathtub minus the tub. These showers use a dozen or more shower heads to spray your body, massaging you with water from every angle, and allowing you to adjust the pressure of the water for a soothing spray or an invigorating massage.

Freestanding Shower

A freestanding shower combines a freestanding bathtub and elegant shower into a single unit by positioning a rainfall shower head into the ceiling over the tub, where it will pour water over you as you shower. Some control water through careful placement of the shower head while others require a curtain that wraps around the tub.

Steam Shower

Steam showers consist of pre-built enclosures, which come in almost any shape you can dream up. They contain standard shower heads, but also feature a steam feature to create your own personal sauna, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of steam at home. Many feature some form of seat or bench so you can relax and enjoy the heat.

The Open Shower

If you design your bathroom properly, there's no reason that your shower has to have any enclosure at all. Using the right floor and wall finishes and angling the spray into a wall or corner -- or one carefully placed glass partition -- transforms an entire area of your bathroom into a functional shower. This is a great way to open up a small space or allow light to travel through a relatively dark or closed in room. 

Circular Shower

Circular showers are all smooth curves, eliminating the sharp angles and hard lines of traditional showers. They range from freestanding glass enclosures that lend a futuristic look to your space to tile or stone showers crafted with a curved wall to eliminate the need for curtains or doors. 

Folding Shower

If you have limited space in your bathroom, a folding shower allows you to keep clean without wasting floor space. Some resemble traditional shower boxes, but fold up against the wall when not in use. Others eliminate the need for a floor drain by including a fold-up bottom, which tucks up against the wall after you've finished washing.

Futuristic Shower

Designer Teuco has developed a bowl-type shower design that hangs on the wall, easily transitioning from shower to tub with a simple spin. The bowl features a lip at one end, which serves as a tub when it's positioned at floor level. At the opposite end, the bowl is flat, making it a perfect shower ceiling when it's directed upwards. This option not only looks cool, but offers plenty of versatility in a relatively small space.

Contact a local plumber, like Allright Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, for help installing the shower of your dreams.


28 July 2015

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