3 Signs That Your Sump Pump Isn't Powerful Enough


If you have a basement in your home, you may rely on a sump pump to help keep it nice, dry and protected. However, if you have had the same sump pump for a long time, there's a chance that it just isn't doing the job right anymore. In fact, there is a chance that your sump pump has always been wrong for your home, such as not being strong or large enough.

Ignoring a sump pump that isn't sufficiently powered for your home can cause problems later on. Along with using up more electricity and causing your electric bill to rise, a faulty sump pump can put your basement at risk of a serious leak. These are a few signs that your sump pump isn't powerful enough and that it needs to be replaced.

1. It Turns Off and On Constantly

You can expect your sump pump to turn on regularly when you are dealing with periods of a lot of rain. If you find that your sump pump turns off and on over and over again, even when the rain is mild and there isn't a lot of water to deal with, then it might not be strong enough to deal with even small amounts of water.

2. It Runs for a Long Time

Your sump pump should do its job pretty quickly. If you find that it's running for several minutes at a time, it could be because it's not working powerfully enough and is not getting rid of the water as quickly as it should be. It might not be a cause for alarm if it runs for a while when there is a lot of water on the ground, but this isn't something that should happen often.

3. Your Sump Pump is Loud When It's Running

You should barely be able to hear your sump pump when it's running -- if you're listening to music or watching TV at a reasonable volume, you should have to turn it down to hear your sump pump. If it's making a lot of noise instead of just barely humming, it could be working too hard to try to do its job. This could be the sign of a problem with it, or it could be overheating due to overcompensation. Either way, you should have it looked at ASAP.

If your sump pump isn't powerful enough, then it's not going to do a good job of keeping your basement dry. If you notice any of these issues, it's time to consider having it replaced with a stronger and more powerful system. For more information on plumbing issues, talk to a company like AA Plumbing.


14 October 2015

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