Signs Of Sewage Line Trouble


Knowing the signs that indicate issues with your sewage line allows you to get it fixed before the problems get out of hand. Take a few moments to check out the following signs of trouble so you know when you need to call in for professional assistance.

All Drains Are Slow Moving

A single slow moving drain is generally not a reason to panic. You might have simply sent too much food or hair down the drain by accident, which has caused a clog in that one line. Cleaning a clog that sits between the drain and the main septic line is generally as easy as using a store bought liquid meant to unclog lines. However, if you have begun to notice that all of the drains in your home are taking a lot longer than usual, there is most likely a problem further down into the main sewage line that carries your waste water away from your home. A store bought cleaner will not be enough to tackle such problems. You may need to call in a professional sewage line professional who will have an easier time locating and performing the sewer cleaning for you.

You Smell Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell that is coming from your drains is not a sign that should be ignored. In fact, it should be an indication that you need to quickly make a phone call to a reputable sewage line repair technician. This is because that smell is usually a sign of methane gas, which comes from raw sewage. The fact that this smell is now making its way into your home means that the sewage that you have tried to flush away from the house is not going where it needs to go. There could potentially be a severe clog or break in the sewage line, which is causing sewage to start to back up in the line. It could very well end up backing up all the way through your drains and onto your floors if you do not take immediate action.

There Is A Gurgling Sound When You Flush The Toilet

An unclogged and correctly installed sewage line will allow your waste water to be flushed through without any indicators of something being wrong. Therefore, if you are starting to hear gurgling sounds coming from the toilet when you flush it, you will want to call in a sewage line professional as soon as possible. There could be a break in your line, which is causing the sewage water to have trouble passing through.


12 November 2015

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