Leak Repair For Slab Houses


When your house is on a slab, you have to deal with difficulties that those lucky folks with a basement do not have. One of these difficulties involves your plumbing. When most of your plumbing pipes are under a pile of concrete, repairs can be a serious problem. If you suspect that you have leaking pipes underneath your home's slab foundation, you have some important decisions to make on diagnosis and repair.  

Signs of a Leak

If you have a slab home, you might have a serious leak if you notice certain signs. For instance, you may find warm and/or wet spots on your floor. You water meter is another indication. If you are inexplicably using more water than usual, that is often a sign of a significant leak. You may also hear water constantly running even when all the fixtures are turned off. You might even see cracks in the walls or floor. When you notice any of these signs, you need to contact a plumber (such as one from RooterGuy┬« Plumbing) as soon as possible.

Plumbing Access

Your plumber may offer you several different ways to access your plumbing. The most direct method is to break through the slab using a jackhammer to reach the pipes where the leak is suspected. Of course, this method causes a great deal of damage to both the concrete foundation and your flooring. Before you choose this option, you will want to get an estimate for your floor repair. 

Another route is to have your plumbing company tunnel under your house to reach your pipes. The noise and disruption of this method are less than that of breaking into your foundation. Also, it's less important to have the source of the leak pinpointed. Plumbers have more flexibility in locating any leakage when they use tunnels. Prices for both methods vary. Tunneling may be more affordable if your flooring is expensive to replace, but each repair situation is different. Only your plumber and other contractors can tell you which method will cost you less. 

Having a home built on a slab can make major plumbing repairs more difficult. A leak in the wrong spot can mean an expensive and disruptive repair. If you suspect you have this problem, call your plumber immediately and have your system diagnosed. Allow your plumbing professional to explain your options and then choose the one that is best for you and the structural integrity of your home. 


23 December 2015

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