4 Signs Your Bathroom Plumbing Needs Professional Care


Your bathroom is one of the most-used rooms in the house, and when plumbing issues arise, you can have a real trial on your hands. Here are 4 signs that your bathroom plumbing needs professional assistance so you can catch minor issues before they become large ones.

Tub and sink won't drain

If you've already cleaned out your bathtub's trap to remove the hair and gunk that gets clogged in there and it still won't drain, or if you notice that your sink also won't drain and you have no reason why, then you should have a plumber inspect your plumbing for deeper-rooted clogs. Often the main trap for these fixtures may be clogged, which is hard to reach on your own. Before your drains clog completely or the clog moves further down your pipes, you should have a plumber inspect the issue.

Water comes out dirty

There are many reasons why the water in your bathroom may all of a sudden take on a less than savory color or odor. Red or brown water, an egg-like odor, or stains appearing in your tub or sink are all indications that your water is not as pure as it should be. The most common reason for this type of issue is rust in your pipes or issues with your water heater. Have a plumber inspect your pipes and water heater to help rule out just what is making your water foul.

Weeping walls

If your walls appear to be dripping water when you run the shower, it may not be caused by water simply splashing on them. You may actually have a leak behind your tub that is made apparent every time you turn your water on. To keep this problem from getting worse and destroying your walls, you should have a plumber inspect the source of the weeping to fix any leaks or replace broken pipes.

Lack of water pressure

If you used to have great water pressure in your sink or bathtub and have noticed the pressure becoming increasingly poor, then a clog or broken pipe may be your underlying issue. You never know where water pressure is lost in the home, so a plumber should be called as soon as possible to diagnose and repair issues so you can keep further damage from happening.

Your bathroom will let you know if there is a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention. From poor water pressure to foul water output, you should always call your plumber if you notice issues with your water or drains to quickly repair problems before they become severe.

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18 January 2016

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