Does The Air From Your AC Feel Like It's From The Furnace? 2 Troubleshooting Tips


A common problem with your home's air conditioning could be that the air it produces is not cold at all. Know that the thermostat does not actually control the temperature of the air that comes out, because it should always be at a nice and cool temperature all the time. Instead of rushing to hire an air conditioning repair contractor, you should attempt to troubleshoot the problem all on your own. You may be surprised to learn that it is because of an easy problem that can be avoided. Try these 2 troubleshooting tips to see if it does the trick.

Inspect The Air Filter

All air that flows through your home's ductwork goes through the air filter. Over time, it's very easy for this filter to become clogged with all sorts of debris and dust that gets sucked up through the air return vent. If you cannot remember the last time you changed the filter, chances are that it is completely clogged. This causes the air to have difficulties pushing through the filter, which causes the temperature to drop by the time it comes out the vents due to reduced air pressure.

Troubleshooting this problem is as simple as removing the air filter and taking a look at it. If it looks nasty, replace it. You can take the dirty filter to your local home improvement store and match it with a brand new one that is the correct size.

Be sure to check the manufacturer's directions that came with your HVAC system to determine how often you should be replacing the air filter.

Clean The Compressor

The compressor located outside your home needs to be free of any debris as well for the unit to properly function. With the unit typically being installed out of sight on the side of a home, you may not realize that plants have become overgrown and are now blocking the ventilation of the compressor. The unit could be overheating and not capable of chilling the Freon to the proper temperature to make the air cold.

Start by clearing out any plants that are touching the compressor. Then shut the unit down so that you can clean it. You want to make sure that the fins around the compressor are free of dirt and debris, and you can do that by using a brush or your garden hose. Just be careful not to bend the fins, since that can reduce airflow going to the unit.

Did those tips not do the trick? Then it's time to contact a professional like Doctor Fix-It to investigate it for you. 


30 June 2016

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