Single Handle Vs. Double Handle Bathroom Faucet


Turning on the water is no big deal, right? Just go to the sink and twist, pull, push, or wave. Vwella! Water. But have you ever stopped to think about the faucets you use and why they have single or double handles? Why is one chosen over the other?

The Single Handle is Modern

The single handle faucet offers a slick, modern accent to any bathroom. Bonus: they are highly functional. If your hands are messy or covered in soap, it's no trouble to use your elbow or wrist to push up the lever—a great perk when washing away unwanted germs that don't need to hang out on the faucet knobs.

Single handle faucets have another major advantage, and it's called temperature control. It's easy to maneuver the handle to the perfect blending point between hot and cold, especially if your hands are somewhat indisposed.  

However, the ideal temperature can be tougher to achieve with a single handle because it offers half the control of a double handle model. If you move it just a smidge too far in the wrong direction, it can suddenly become way too cold or too hot. The latter can be especially dangerous for kids.

The Double Handle is Classic

The double handle faucet is a classic look, and you can find knobs to match almost any décor preference. Another perk is the two handles. You can turn one the slightest amount while the other stays put, making the temperature dance a more graceful and safer affair. No more accidentally getting the wrong temperature!

With two handles, one can still be used if the other breaks down or springs a leak. Your sink won't be completely out of commission.

The downfall to the double handle faucet is more moving parts. There's more that can go wrong, and tracking down a failed part becomes a more intensive undertaking. In addition, two handles means two hands are required for operation unless you need only hot or cold water. The handles will need to be sanitized after germy hands touch them.

Personal Preference Rules

In the end, which faucet you choose depends on your personal preference. Do you value modern functionality over classic control?

Don't forget that style and aesthetics must also be considered. Perhaps the metal and finish will be the deciding factor, or maybe one style handle caters to a theme better than another. Convenience, functionality, and aesthetics—these three things rule the outcome in the single vs. double handle bathroom faucet battle. Contact a company like William C Diamond Plumbing & Heating for more information.


20 July 2016

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