Tips For A Quick Fix On A Clogged Sink


Has your bathroom sink clogged? If it has and you need to obtain a temporary solution until you are able to hire a plumber, then there are a few things and repairs that you may want to attempt on your own in the meantime. So, if you need a quick and short term fix for your clogged sink, consider doing the following:

Clean out The Pipes With Cleaner:

Cleaning the pipes by using baking soda is a great way to remove gunk that gets washed away down the drain, like hair gel or facial cleaner. Baking soda will do a great job at penetrating the surface of the pipes, and this will help remove gunk from your drains, which can improve the water flow and eliminate potential backups.

Remove Items that Are Stuck:

If your child or yourself has dropped something down the sink, then there's still a great chance that you can remove this item without having to obtain major plumbing services. A great way to remove a physical item from your sink is to remove the sink trap. Removing the sink trap can be as easy as going under your sink, removing the bolt holding your sink trap tight and removing the j-pipe. The j-pipe has a curve to it, which helps prevent items from entering further into your plumbing pipes, and by removing this pipe you will likely be able to remove the item that was causing your sink to clog.

Remove Hair Gunk:

Hair can easily fall down into your sink and form into one big blob. This can cause backup and can easily clog your pipes and create further damages if you don't quickly resolve this issue. A great way that you can remove hair gunk on your own is to create a removal tool by getting a wired hanger, straightening it out, and inserting it into your sink. A wired hanger is a great option as it is flexible and is able to curve with your sink so you can get it deep enough to properly remove hair gunk out from your sink.

Using these three tips won't only help you have a temporary fix for your clogged bathroom sink issue but it can in some cases be a long term repair that can help you avoid potentially creating long term and higher cost damages due to a poor draining system. So, before you avoid not trying to fix this issue at all, be aware of how quickly you can likely resolve this issue on your own.

But, in some cases this may not be the only repairs that your bathroom sink will need, which is why it is important to have a plumber come out to you and fully inspect your plumbing pipes once you are able to schedule a visit.  

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9 November 2016

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