4 Signs Your Concrete Septic Tank Is Damaged And Repairs To Improve It Are Needed


If you have a concrete septic system installed for your waste treatment needs, it is a durable solution, but the waste and age of the tank can cause deterioration. Therefore, it is important to do routine maintenance like pumping and monitor the condition of the septic tank. Your tank may eventually need repairs if it is outdated, which is a good time to update it and improve your septic system to prevent future problems. The following problems with your septic system may be signs that it is time for repairs to update the old tank:

1. Solid Waste Problems in Concrete Tanks That Cause Slow Plumbing Drains in Your Home

The waste of concrete tanks needs to break down with bacteria that builds up inside. If there is a problem with the tank becoming too full or solids not breaking down due to low bacteria levels, this can cause drain field problems. The problems with drain fields can eventually back up into the tank and cause problems with slow or stopped drains in household plumbing.

2. Problems with The Septic Tank Top That Are Noticeable on The Surface of Lawns and Other Terrain

The tops of septic tanks can also be a problem when you drive over them with equipment like lawnmowers or vehicles. The tops can be damaged due to the deterioration of the concrete and age. Therefore, when repairs are done you will want improvements that clearly mark the top of tanks and add risers to access lids for maintenance.

3. Problems Inside the Tank That Can Be Seen When Drain Field Lines Fail and Become Overburdened

There are problems that can originate inside the septic tank. This is something that can be as simple as a blockage in the inlet and outlet pipes, or something more complicated like the deterioration of septic tank baffles. If the problem is with deterioration inside the tank, consider renovations with liners and other improvements to protect against these problems.

4. Cracks and Structural Damage to Concrete Septic Tanks That Can Sometimes Visible

Another problem that you could have with septic tanks is structural damage like cracks. This can cause serious damage to the tank if repairs are not done. You will want to repair the cracks and other structural damage, as well as update the tank to prevent leaks and problems if the cracks or structural damage happen again.

These are some of the problems that you will want to look for with your septic system that may mean the old concrete tank needs repairs and improvements. If you are having problems with your septic tank, contact a septic system repair service, such as American Pumping Service. and talk to them about options to update the tank.


11 March 2020

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