Don't Let These Warm Weather Plumbing Troubles Plague You


Summer is the season for pool parties and gardening. Unfortunately, it can also be the season for plumbing woes if you're not careful! The good news is that most warm-weather plumbing problems are not that tough to avoid if you know what you're doing. Here is a look at the most common plumbing problems homeowners face in the summer, along with some tips to help ensure you don't face the same fate.

Leaking Spigots

Your hose spigot likely gets more use in the summer than during any other season. Between watering the flowers and washing the driveway, you probably rely on the hose spigot several times per day. This increased use can make leaks more likely. Reduce the risk of leaks by never leaving a hose attached and the spigot on when you're not using it. (Doing so can put extra pressure on the spigot, leading to cracks.) Also, lubricate the valve so the spigot turns on and off more easily. This way, you will put less strain on the spigot and associated pipes when you turn the spigot on and off.

Seized Garbage Disposals

With all the cookouts summer calls for, your garbage disposal is bound to get lots of use. You do not want it to seize upon you. You can prevent problems with the disposal by never putting any meat bones, eggshells, or stringy veggies down the disposal. That means corn husks should never be put down there! Also, make sure you are always running warm water when using the garbage disposal. If you have guests over and they help clean up, remind them to follow this protocol, too. Food is less likely to get stuck when water is going down with it.

Clogged Sewer Lines

Summer is when trees really start growing, and that includes their roots! If there are any little tree roots in your sewer line, summer is the time when they tend to proliferate and start causing clogs. You can prevent this by putting some root growth inhibitor down your toilet. Read the instructions on the container; most will tell you to flush one tablet once a year. The substance is basically an herbicide and should kill any roots in your sewer line before they get too large.

Sewer line clogs, seized garbage disposals, and busted spigots do not have to come with summer. Follow the advice above, and contact a plumber at Marcum Plumbing Services, Inc. if you run into any trouble. 


23 June 2020

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