Can You Ignore The Early Signs Of Foundation Trouble?


Some issues with your home may only be minor annoyances, but foundation problems can lead to tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. The large-scale excavation required to fix an extremely damaged foundation may even exceed your home's value. These potentially devastating costs can make it tempting to avoid dealing with the problem for as long as possible.

However, as with many homeownership issues, your foundation troubles will only worsen if you choose to ignore them. As such, noticing the early signs of a failing foundation can allow you to address these problems before they become prohibitively expensive.

Early Warning Signs

In most cases, you may notice cracks in your foundation before other problems become apparent. Not all foundation cracks result from critical issues, but many do. Recognizing the difference can help you determine if your situation requires immediate professional attention or if you can wait for a more convenient time to schedule repairs.

Thin, vertical cracks are typically the least severe problem. These can occur as the concrete in your foundation dries and shrinks. Any gap in your foundation can allow moisture to enter your home and ultimately cause more damage, but vertical cracks are rarely a cause for alarm on their own. Cost-effective methods exist for repairing these cracks and can prevent further damage to the structure.

Wider cracks, or cracks that run horizontally along a wall, may be a warning sign that a more severe problem exists. Cracks form horizontally in your foundation walls when pressure from the soil around your home is too much for the foundation to bear, causing the walls to bow inward. Any widening crack is also a sign of a worsening problem requiring urgent evaluation.

Progressing Problems

Ignoring these problems can lead to more severe issues, including compromises to your home's structural integrity. You may notice larger foundation cracks, as well as problems in the upper levels of your home, such as misaligned doors or breaks in your drywall. Existing horizontal cracks in your foundation will likely spread as they widen, causing damage to other walls, as well.

Surprisingly, foundation issues can create problems beyond your home's structure. As the foundation moves and shifts, it can cause plumbing to become misaligned. This damage can create leaks in unexpected or challenging to reach areas, leading to more severe water damage. Over time, this can mean drastically more expensive repairs even after you address your foundation issues.

Not all foundation problems require immediate repairs, but they do all require your attention. If you notice cracks forming in your foundation, contact an expert for an evaluation as soon as you can. Determining the severity of a problem as early as possible is the best way to make an informed decision about the steps you need to take. Click here to investigate more information regarding foundation repair, or contact a company that provides foundation repair services. 


14 January 2021

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