Tips For A Quick Fix On A Clogged Sink


Has your bathroom sink clogged? If it has and you need to obtain a temporary solution until you are able to hire a plumber, then there are a few things and repairs that you may want to attempt on your own in the meantime. So, if you need a quick and short term fix for your clogged sink, consider doing the following: Clean out The Pipes With Cleaner: Cleaning the pipes by using baking soda is a great way to remove gunk that gets washed away down the drain, like hair gel or facial cleaner.

9 November 2016

Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide


People buy new kitchen faucets for many reasons ranging from it not working the way it should to just wanting to update the look of their kitchen. Sometimes it could be to increase ease-of-use or add more features to the faucet. No matter the reason, there are many considerations to think about before settling on the right one for you. Functionality When someone is searching for a new faucet, he or she must have a clear idea of what he or she is looking for the faucet as well as its abilities.

16 September 2016

Do Your Pipes Make A Lot Of Noise? Tips To Help You Maintain A Quieter Plumbing System


Performing maintenance is an essential part of owning a house, one that many homeowners would rather take care of themselves to save money. If the pipes in your home make a lot of noise, it could mean the needs for repairs and maintenance. Taking the time to locate the source of the noise in your plumbing system is important for helping you avoid more expensive repairs later on. Check out some of the reasons your pipes may be making strange sounds.

6 August 2016

Built-In Vs. Portable Dishwashers: How Do You Choose?


Several factors apply when it comes to a built-in dishwasher versus a portable one. Regardless of which option you choose, you won't have to face a sink full of dishes after you have a big meal. Several types of the newer units have many of the same alarms that weren't featured many years ago. It depends on your circumstances and some obvious advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before you make a decision.

20 July 2016

Single Handle Vs. Double Handle Bathroom Faucet


Turning on the water is no big deal, right? Just go to the sink and twist, pull, push, or wave. Vwella! Water. But have you ever stopped to think about the faucets you use and why they have single or double handles? Why is one chosen over the other? The Single Handle is Modern The single handle faucet offers a slick, modern accent to any bathroom. Bonus: they are highly functional.

20 July 2016

Does The Air From Your AC Feel Like It's From The Furnace? 2 Troubleshooting Tips


A common problem with your home's air conditioning could be that the air it produces is not cold at all. Know that the thermostat does not actually control the temperature of the air that comes out, because it should always be at a nice and cool temperature all the time. Instead of rushing to hire an air conditioning repair contractor, you should attempt to troubleshoot the problem all on your own.

30 June 2016

Common Reasons Your Washer Won't Drain


The last thing a homeowner wants to discover is a washer that is not draining water. Water standing inside of your washer can lead to mold, mildew, and a putrid smell. Not to mention the fact that it prevents for your clothes from getting washed. If you find yourself with a washer that will not drain, it is helpful to know what could be causing the problem and how to drain it manually.

8 April 2016

Your Water Heater: Placement Matters


During your new water heater installation, pay attention to where the water heater is placed. May homeowners tend to have an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality when it comes to their water heater until something goes wrong. There are several areas in a home that this important appliance can be placed, and just exactly where it's located can play a big role on the impact to your home if it fails or leaks.

29 March 2016

Is Your Skin Becoming Irritated By Your Home's Water?


Many people rely on skin moisturizer to prevent their skin from becoming dry, but the water in their home could be what is causing the problem in the first place. By knowing what hard water is, you can understand what problems it can cause, and how to fix it. What's Hard Water? Hard water has a higher than usual concentration of minerals, which typically include calcium, magnesium, and iron. Hard water can cause problems such as limescale buildup on faucets and white spots to appear on dishes even after you clean them.

23 February 2016

Should You Upgrade Your Furnace?


If you are pondering a furnace upgrade, then you want to weigh all of your factors before proceeding. This is not usually a decision to be taken lightly and you want to make sure that you will save money or experience a higher quality of life after the upgrade. To help you decide on the best course of action, here are some ideas to think about: How much would an upgrade really cost?

16 February 2016